This is an experimental website designed for people looking for another solution to advertise or search for services in Potchefstroom. While Facebook groups are fantastic, it can be difficult to find services on there or get noticed if you have services to offer. This is where Potch.group comes in - you can post news stories, services, rate other peoples' services and do most of the things you can do on a social media platform, but with the exception that things are kept neat and organized. Everything is displayed in different categories and pages, unlike a regular Facebook Group, where everything is blasted onto one page, never to be seen again and left to be forgotten. With Potch.group you even have the option to sort posts by ratings received, time posted, most comments received or popular posts for the day. We hope that this is something the Potch community can benefit from in some way and that it can be the solution to a few problems.


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Why Use Potch Group?

Have you ever seen a service advertised on a Facebook Group and when the day comes that you actually need it, you can't find it anywhere? This happens a lot, and, while Facebook groups are fantastic, they can get very unorganized. This is the reason for Potch Group - it is designed to be a social site where you can advertise and submit stories, but with the goal of being much more organized.

You can submit posts/stories, search for business and services offered, sort them by the number of votes they received from other users and even save them to view later.

No more need to advertise on all the Potchefstroom groups on a daily basis, hoping to get noticed. Here you can submit your service and people will be able to find you!

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